Mrs. C’s Cornershop Bakery

They say money cannot buy you happiness. I say. “WRONG”.

Because money can buy you delicious, freshly baked, homemade breads, cakes, buns and pastries.

And who isn’t made happy by that?

Here at Mrs. C’s Corner Shop bakery we rely on traditional family recipes, past down through generations, that have customers (particularly students) coming back time and time again.

My name is Fiona Collinge and I have been making people happy with my buns since 1992.

As a family-run business we had to make sure that our ingredients weren’t the only things that went into our products; but our blood, sweat and souls as well.

We stop at nothing to provide the best. And the best IS what we provide.

It’s widely believed we have the biggest selection of freshly made buns this side of Bolton. Pop by if you’re in the area and see what I mean. Our range is always updating.

We also cater for any occasion, weddings, birthdays, funerals, engagements, break ups and Saturday night munchies…

We also frequently link up with the University of Bolton to provide catering for their student drives, fresher’s weeks, meetings and conferences… And it’s made us quite a hit with their students!

Because the youth today ARE our future tomorrow.

Mrs. C xx