About Us

Our Story

Mrs. C’s Corner Shop Bakery, is a traditional bakers and local hotspot for hungry students… and it has been since 1992. Run by a mother, father and son team, our aim is to ALWAYS provide the best freshly baked food you will find anywhere in Bolton (or anywhere outside for that matter).

Yet despite being at the centre of the Bolton bakers market for over 22 years. Mrs. C’s Corner Shop Bakery wasn’t always the successful, profitable and customer favourite you see today.

It required work!  (And a little help from some friends.)

4 years ago, the business saw it’s biggest loss yet; the loss of a family member. Nikolas Collinge, my darling husband, and loving father to our children, was taken before his time, and the business will never be the same. We almost gave in and closed the doors of the bakery forever.

But then… Hope.









Now the business is fully operational and doing better then before, we even have extra staff and are planning to expand overseas!