Team Collinge

This has been, and always will be, a family business. Here’s a bit about us, so we can get to know you.

Fiona Collinge

Raised on a farm just outside of Bolton, I couldn’t see myself becoming anything other then a baker.

I learned how to bake from my father, who learned how from his father and his father before him.

Our legacy is in our bread!

And it’s that legacy, that passion that drives my business every day… Well… that and the ever-loyal customers who flood into my humble bakery every day!


Nikolas Collinge

I moved to Bolton from the Greek island of Rhodes with my father at the age of 4. I have very little memory of my time in Greece.

I grew up as a blacksmith; I loved the craft and creation of shaping metal and the long hours of labor to look upon my masterpiece at the end.

However this was not enough. Few people ever saw my creations and creating art to remain unviewed is very unfulfilling.

This is when I met Fiona. The way she baked bread was unlike a craft I had ever seen before.

After our marriage and the birth of our first child, we started to plan our future.

Finally in 1992 we sold our first Barm Cake and the rest as they say is history.